Showcase of Some Visual Effects


Hi Everyone, this is just going to be a short and sweet blog post to just archive some videos I made in the past which I am proud of.  It doesn’t entirely fit the theme of this website but it does give you a little tiny bit more insight into who I am and the things I do on my free time.  I’d like to share these videos with you and hopefully over time we can see the progress I make as I hone my skills in this area.

When I first moved to Los Angeles I had this idea of being involved in the entertainment industry.  I thought “the industry” as they call it in Los Angeles, would be the best way for me to reach an audience.  I did a lot of improv, I did some acting, worked on a few film crews, and even tried to write, direct, and edit my own web-series about people with super powers; it was a comedy of course.  After much research on how to fund this endeavor, I quickly learned that hiring visual effect artists was going to cost me a quite a bit.


Invisibility Effect

This is the video which can be seen at the very top of this page.  Too often in Hollywood do we see people who have the power of invisibility when their entire body and clothes become invisible.  I never understood the logic behind this.  If someone really had the power of invisibility how is it that their clothes can turn invisible too?  Well, now I know why the filmmakers in the past decided to make the clothes turn invisible too.  Because it takes A LOT more time to make only the skin invisible and not the clothes when working with visual effects.  In the above clip I made sure to make only my skin invisible.  The most difficult part was when my invisible hand would hover over my shirt.


Teleport Effect

I love making this effect because it is so easy to do.  You just need to have a “clean plate” or the background without myself in it.  A sorta frozen image of the scene.  Then all you need to do is edit the two segments of the teleport. I decided to add a little extra ooomf by adding in a little shockwave which is noticable if you look closely.  The thing about special effects is the small details which make things look more realistic.


Super Speed Effect

The super speed effect is also a easy effect to create.  You really just need to cut together several clips with yourself in different positions.  Then you add a motion blur before entry.  I used a leaf blower which was quite noisy to get the papers to move about.  So in the first super speed jump, I have a friend off-camera operating a leaf blower.

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